Thursday 3 September 2015

The MRI Scan

A couple of days later I head off to the BRI for an MRI scan. There's a rhyme in there somewhere! It turns out MRI's are no walk in the park either. Mind you no one said cancer was going to be easy. 

I was firstly put in an electric chair - well it might as well have been. I let Mr MRI know that too. I think he laughed although I noticed he didn't disagree.  As he inserted the catheter I politely told him I wasn't too keen on injections. He gave me one of those looks that I'm beginning to get accustomed to. The - don't you have cancer? You better get used to this -  kind of look.

I was told to lie on the bed face down in front of the spaceship (MRI machine) the bed had three holes in it. Two for the boobs one for the head. Lovely. 

The MRI scan was 20 minutes long, which doesn't sound a lot but it is when you are lying face down on a slab of plastic. Boobs dangling through the holes. I'll try not to paint you too much of a picture! 

The machine gets very loud said the nurse. I got myself settled and was given some headphones to drown out the noise. They kindly played Radio One for me. I tried to count the songs. Average song three minutes each. 4 songs in. God I must be half way through by now.

The machine shuffled about and made horrible hospital noises. This is the longest 20 minutes ever. 'Just two scans left now Kirsty'. Oh come on!! 'I'm just going to put the dye in now'. I felt the cold dye go through my veins for the final scan. This is only the beginning I thought. I need to be braver for this. 

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