Saturday 5 September 2015

The Results are in!

It's been a tense two weeks and finally a couple of days ago we got the surgery results!

The tumour has been completely removed and my lymph nodes are clear so the cancer hasn't spread. We are all very relieved! 

We were given the news by Dr Boobs. (Sorry can't remember her real name) Dr Boobs thought it was appropriate to wear a low cut top revealing her orange bra to a Breast Clinic. A Breast Clinic you know where woman are told they are going to have their boobs cut off or in my case a chunk cut out of one. I'm no prude but I just found her completely inappropriate. She could be telling someone they are going to die for all she knows. 'Hey we have to chop both your tits off so you don't drop dead but to make you feel better check out my voluptuous rack!' Cheers Dr Boobs. Nice one. 

It wasn't just her inappropriate display of cleverage that pissed me off about Dr Boobs. On entering the room she walked straight over to my mum and asked if she was Kirsty. Ermmmm no that would be me. You see that paper in your hand with my date of birth on maybe have quick gander at that before you enter the room. Maybe next time I'll just wear an 'I have cancer' sticker on my forward. It would probably be about as appropriate as her fucking dress. 

She finally told me the results. Michele clapped when she said the cancer hadn't   spread. She continued to tell me what treatment I would be having with lots of pauses for emotion. Why does she want me to cry anyway? I will not cry in front of this idiot. 'You are going to have to have chemo.....' (Long pause for effect). 'Yeah I know' has she even read my notes at all! 

I was glad to be out of there this time and relieved to have some good news for a change but I'm crossing my fingers that Dr S is back next week. 

Or that Dr Boobs puts a jumper on. 


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