Saturday 26 December 2015

Chemotherapy - 5 down...1 to go

On Wednesday I had my fifth chemotherapy treatment. My second cycle of Docetaxel.

I was meant to have it on Tuesday but I forget to take my steroid tablets on the Monday so they had to push it back by a day. Docetaxel tends to lull you in to a false sense of security for the first three days where you don't feel too bad and then it hits you like a bus on the third day. So me 'accidentally' forgetting my tablets meant that I wasn't in quite as much pain on Christmas Day as I would have been if I had my chemotherapy on Tuesday as planned. Dad thinks I've done it on purpose. I'm not telling you either way! But let's just say I enjoyed my Christmas dinner *winky smiley face*. 

I thought I'd rock the Red wig for this cycle as its Christmas. (Ignore my big steroid moon face). My drugs were all mixed and ready for me when I got there but me and mum where still there for about three hours as Docetaxel takes a bit longer to administer compared to EC chemo and you have to do a before and after 'flush'. I also had my second Herceptin injection just before my chemo. I can now have Herceptin and Docetaxel on the same day as they know I'm not allergic to either of them.

The Herceptin injection didn't feel too bad this time. It just stings a bit and takes a few minutes to administer. 

The Docetaxel went ahead as normal and I had no issues. The lady next to me threw up halfway through. Poor lady. 

The chemo ward seemed very somber this time. But I guess chemo wards arn't going to be too lively even if it is Christmas. 

A lady came in to speak to one of the chemo nurses whilst I was having my treatment. I think she may have been a doctor. 

'God it's a bit dead in here isnt it?! She said. 

'Don't say DEAD in here!' Shouted one of the patients. 

This made me and mum laugh. Some people just don't think. I guess it did liven up the ward though. 

I had pharyngitis on my last cycle of chemo and I had to have a course of antibiotics so I'm really hoping I don't get any infections with this cycle. 

I'm on day three now so here comes the pain. 

Wish me luck and have a few champers for me!

Merry Christmas and here's to health and happiness in 2016 x


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