Tuesday 26 July 2016

For Kate

Over the weekend the sad news emerged that Dr Kate Granger had passed away. 

Kate was a geriatrician and campaigned for better patient care. She was diagnosed with a type of Sarcoma in 2011. When she got the devasting news that her cancer had metastasized and had therefore become incurable she spoke of the fact that the doctor who broke the news to her didn't introduce himself or look her in the eyes. 

This subsequently led her to start her #hellomynameis campaign, which encourages healthcare professionals to introduce themselves to their patients. This campaign has been tremendously successful and is now backed by over 40,000 healthcare professionals and 90 organisations across the UK.

I had the pleasure of hearing one of Kate's talks when she came in to my workplace to talk about her cancer and her #Hellomynameis campaign. (Like me, her husband Chris works for Asda House) I'm not one to cry in public but her speech really hit me and i have to admit I got very bleary eyed in the auditorium listening to her talk. She spoke frankly about her cancer and prognosis with a dark sense of humour, which I loved. I often draw upon this same sense of humour to deal with my own diagnosis. 

Starting the successful #hellynameis campaign was only one of her many achievements. She created a bucket list following her diagnosis and achieved such things as a skydive, meeting Gary Barlow, renewing her wedding vows and appearing on Coronation Street. Also on her bucket list was a fundraising target of £250,000 for the Yorkshire Cancer Centre. She achieved this target just a few days before she died. 

What a truly wonderful, inspirational life you have lived Kate. If I can emulate a smidgen of your success in my own life i would be very happy. 

Sending lots of love to your husband Chris and all your friends and family. xxx


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