Tuesday 13 October 2015

Brave the Shave

On Saturday I 'braved the shave' for Macmillan Cancer Support and raised £3132. 

Here's my link -

Thank you to everyone who donated! 

When I first created the page I set a target of £500. I contemplated a £250 target but I thought I'll give £500 a go. Well we absolutely smashed it didn't we?! 

Thank you to everyone who donated! It really means a lot.



So I'm officially a baldie! I was really nervous before the shave took place and I really didn't want to cry. I even made dad run to the shop to pick me up a bottle of wine before we started cutting. Why is everything in life so much easier when there's Pinot Gricio?!

Dad hacked of my plait to send to the Little Princess Trust. 'Hack' being the operative word as the hairdressing scissors bought with the shaver where complete rubbish. Then Michele shaved the rest of my hair off. 

Michele and Darren did the filming (I'll add the video later) and I'm pleased to say I didn't cry once. It actually felt quite empowering. 

Let's face it this is a once in a life time opportunity. I'm never going to have the desire to shave all my hair off again. This is my Britney 2007 moment and theres no point being sad about it. 

Edit: Here's the video


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